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Our Story

In summer 2021, we were vacationing in Europe and staying in a quaint Airbnb apartment in Lisbon, Portugal. The walls of the apartment were filled with the most delightful street art. We were desperate to bring home similar paintings and hang them in our Connecticut home, but we couldn’t quite find anything we liked as much as the pictures on the walls of our Airbnb.

Wouldn’t it be great, we thought, if we could just buy these pictures here and now, unhook them and take them with us?

Then, the same thing happened when we stayed in the beautiful port town of Dingle, Co. Kerry in the southwest of Ireland. The walls of our quaint rental cottage were filled with awesome framed photos of the sweeping, rugged bays of the Dingle Peninsula. We wanted those exact photos so bad!

And, when we stayed in a studio in the romantic city of Venice near the famous Rialto bridge. The studio walls were an eclectic mix of pictures showcasing the best of the Venice contemporary art scene. We would have filled our suitcase if we could!

That is how the story of Gallery Anywhere came to be....

Who we are

We are two people who work in the IT industry, who are passionate about travel and local art.

What we are about

Easy way for local artist to connect with local vacation rentals to show their art for $7 a month no other fees.
Experience local art wherever you stay.
We have custom QR codes for all pieces and galleries so you can scan, pay and take your art right there and then.